I take pride in hand-crafting the highest quality paintings possible from beginning to end.  In my work, there are no shortcuts.  I have spent many years perfecting and personalizing my approach to painting in order to create works of art that will stand the test of time. 



I have often told people that I enjoy preparing the canvas as much as I enjoy painting it.  Choice of materials is a crucial first step when beginning a painting.  I base my choices on quality as well as awareness.  My tools and processes come from a culmination of classical training, trial and error, apprenticeship, historic writings and modern innovations.  I believe in the traditional role of the artist as craftsman, building my paintings by hand using raw materials in my studio above the gallery.  Each painting has been cut, stretched, sized, primed, painted, varnished and framed before it hangs on the gallery wall.   

Over the past few years I have also undertaken the task of making a safer work environment for myself and others by eliminating the use of both Turpentine and Lead White from my painting process. 



I have designed a classic "floating canvas" style frame with my father, Gary Cheadle, of Woodbine.  My father co-founded Woodbine in Suttons Bay, MI over 35 years ago where he continues to hand craft beautiful and elegant custom made furniture and cabinetry.  One of the finest woodworkers in Michigan, he possesses a creative eye and attention to detail that I can only hope to live up to.  I am proud to offer these superior quality, hand crafted frames and I recommend that all my paintings be framed in nothing less.



New Mission Frame

New Mission Frame

New Mission Frame


If you are interested in purchasing a work of art that will last and be enjoyed for a lifetime, please Contact the Gallery for more details.  Thank You.